Five Exhibition Centers

1, 798 Art Factory - Memories toward the past

The theme of the 2014 Biennial is “Memory”. Art works exhibited in 798 Art Factory are about the theme “Memories toward the past”. The biennial has 5 exhibition centres, exhibiting art works of 18 artists. The most inviting work should be an ink painting named “City Planning--- Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival” and some corresponding live behavior perfoemed by Zhu Xiaodi. There is also Qiu Zhijie’s work of mental museum, Li Zhanyang’s memory of Rent Collection Courtyard, Cang Xin’s Manuscript ,meditating on previous and present life, Feng Zhengjie’s sensory memory, Zhang Chaohui’s Infinity of Light, Wei Ligang’s rushing out of fireworks, Ma Han’s bricks of an deserteded factory, Chen Wenling’s childhood memory of those revolutionary years and Ma Jun’s Porcelain Cart moving towards the future of the memories. With all these works showing together, the China-Italy Biennial seems to have reveal the structure of Memory, showing a memory universe by means of an art carnival. The exhibition will reminds people of a Roman philosopher Epictetus ’s saying, “Liberty is a virtue”.


2, 798 Photo Gallery - Memories of the digital media

The biennial has 5 exhibition centres, and one of them is 798 Photo Gallery, dominated by the theme---Memories of digital media, exhibiting photographs and videos of 10 artists. The curator Cheng Guoqin has embedded every part of Jiang jian’s work into the structure of the biennial. Li Wei’s art work of the four main religions stress on the liberty and happiness of fulfilling a dream. The absurdity of personal history is created by Wu Junyong, which will be synchronized on three screens. Tang Nan Nan exposes the original looks of time out of superficial uproar. The pin-hole imaging model of Shi Guorui is repeatedly mentioned and Qu Yan’s digital picture “Budda” adds eternal religious sense into memories. The dazzling illusions these shadows and lights made are emerging while vanishing. The highest value of the art works is like a treasure formed by flowing water in space-time.

3, Beijing Plastic Factory #3 Culture Center - Memories towards the future

In this parallel centre, art works of 27 artists will be available to visiters. For almost all the artists, memory is accompanied by the daybook-like sorrow. Here, feminism is a kind of art language. There are Qiu yuwen’s paper-cuts, Han shuyin’s Paper Wedding Dress and Kang yu’s Salute to Ingres with irony to time in Roland Barthes’s style. There is also Huang min’s seizure of the moment that people down to erath, Zhang Qiushi’s Chinese Lesson with a fable in Kafka style. Jiang Heng’s Views in Human Bodies which use disease as a metaphor and makes the pills seems incomparable. Li Wenfeng uses images, silk and ink to create his Family Portrait. The moon is the Utopia of Liu Jiahua, where islands, daydreams, windows of the soul and the dream of deserted city all vanish like soap bubbles. All the murmurs in the end will turn to be rhetorics for memory.

4, Being 3 Art Gallery - Danyang Chen's solo exhibition

Artist Chen Danyang cooperated with curator Wei Xing in this project. Chen Danyang has devoted to the series of works  named Well-Tempered of Bach for ten years. This is a time period that compacts reason and order. Bach’s music is just a trigger, so that people can find a visual image corresponding to reading. Wei xing payed attention to the spatial arrangement. Therefore, when visiters entre the main exhibition room, they can see a room of 3x3x3(m), and there 3 colour television embedded in the walls. It makes visiters’ perception and feeling reach saturation and then experience a rational fainting. When talking about the second exhibition room, there will be several new art works, most of which are in middle tones, occasionally in high or low tones. Colourful spots on the cavas are divided into different groups of levels, just like the colour lumps made up of musical note revolving around the main hue. Well-Tempered of Bach is just like the starry sky, which is formed by the miracle of loneliness.

5, Yang International Art Center - Recall 2012 "Meditation of the nature" 

13 artists will show their works around the theme “Recall 2012---Meditation of the nature" in the Yang International Art Centre. This project plans to continue the theme to two sessions, so that people can feel the artistic heritage, the cultural heritage and the future of two ancient civilizations. Just like what was shown by “Nature”---the theme of the first session of biennial that China-Italy Biennial is not just a newly-presented exhibition symbol, but rather a concern of anthropology in modern art. It’s a wide rang of cultural comparation and exhibition in Modern Art.