Interview with Chen Danyang

Interviewer: Mian Bu

Artist: Chen Danyang

Time: March 15th

Topic: Interview with Chen Danyang - Every dot has light

M: Mian Bu

C: Chen Danyang


M: Why you choose the form of dots to create?


C: It happened naturally. At first, I smashed the picture plane. If I use lines, there will be a lot of variations. But if I use spots, the tails of the dropped pigments will reflect lights into every direction. 


M: It looks glittering. 


C: Lines will add variations to the picture while spots will add more variations in lights.


M: So it’s mainly because of the consideration of lights.


C: Yes. There were some indistinct figures in my early works, but I’ve eliminated all of them now.


M: Your earlier works seems to be really gentle, but now it’s more electronic.


C: It reflects different attitudes in different periods.


M: How long does it take you to paint a painting like this?


C: Four months, eight hours per day.


M: Physical work, right.


C: Physical work. When I was drawing the rough draft in the earlier period it takes me a long time to think. After that it’s mostly the physical works. 


M: Your work seems to have some mathematic logical thinking in it.


C: Indeed it’s logical. I focused the form and process colors spread onto our eyeballs. The rational things depend more on experiences, the longer you practice it you become more natural on it. 


M: You think that your art works are calm and don’t have much emotions. 


C: Yes. If I want to tell a story or an emotion, every individual has his or her own understanding towards it. Therefore, I got rid of all the unnecessary contents. Initially this series was about landscapes then destroy it, filling it with different color blocks. But now I’ve even abandoned the landscape on the bottom.


M: Do you have any preference for the choice of paints?


C: Local pigments are the best. The experience ones cannot 

The domestic paints are the best; the expensive ones cannot form a shape. 


M: It looks like a difficult painting to paint. 


C: Because I need to keep on focusing onto it and this will stimulate the eyes.