Interview with Huang Min and Ma Jun

Interviewer: Sandro Orlandi

Artists: Huang Min and Ma Jun

Location: Huang Min and Ma Jun's studio

S: Sandro Orlandi

M: Ma Jun

H: Huang Min


S: How do you make it?


M: It’s a book of Montesquieu made with porcelain using the traditional technique. So that it has became an unreadable book, people can imagine it by looking at the name.


S: Is this a traditional Chinese painting?


H: I used the technique of traditional Chinese painting, because my grandfather is a Chinese painting painter. It’s not easy to express the spirit of ink painting by oil paint. 


S: Did someone actually lying down while others are floating? Did you painting this on purpose?


H: Yes, these workers lie on the ground with some newspaper underneath when waiting for the train. Actually, whether they are lying on the ground or floating depends on my needs.


S: Why do you use gold to color the painting?


H: It seems like a dreamland.


S: What do you want to express?


H: I want to show the status of Chinese people and society. There is a gap between the traditions and us. 


S: So you want to express this kind of status or willing to change this kind of status?


H: I want to strengthen this status. 


S: A photographer will also take photos like this, but why not take photos like that?


H: China developed so rapidly that they left their hometown to make a living. They do not have a private life and living space, which makes them “float” around the city.