Interview with Sun Yuan and Peng Yu

S: Does your art work--- the world is a fine place for you to fight for, have any connection with this work place? What is the motivation that makes create this.

P: When we talk about arts, people usually want to find something to define it. However, we are searching for a method to relate them. The magic it to make the relation come true.

S: How do you show your work?

P: First you can see it in the video room, where you can find out how we produce it. There’s performance, equipments and images.

S: What’s your next plan?

P(If seeing is not an option)We have an exhibition in Ukraine, a kids’ camp. They practice dissembling the guns with their eyes veiled. They are local volunteers. That’s just part of the exhibition. They give open classes to the public how to use the guns.

S: So you can think of the works about “Memory”. Your way of thinking is not the same as other Chinese. There are many artists experimenting on the so called “ubconscious” art works. I think it’s really intereating.

P: I want to show you this one. It is an art work but it’s a different one. This is a mouse pad, from a cashier. She wrote and drew things on it, but she did all these unintentionally. We magnified this. This is a stationary store, many people use this paper to test the pens, and we magnify it. This is a small piece of paper. Our friend doodles on it when answering the phone. We take these things away secretly. When these patterns are magnified, they can not realize that these are their works. I think this is related to memory.

S: This is not memory. However, it’s not to remember. Your way of creating is far beyond the tradional Chinese way.