Interview with Zhang Zhaohui

S: I haven’t seen your new art works for a long time. It’s so suprising that things moves so quickly and are already mature.

Z: This is my main output in these two years. I focus on the abstract expression of light.

S: It’s so amazing with the power of lights. Though the structure is geometrical, the painting is powerful and dynamic, showing great mental strength. It’s so rare. Your personal style is so mature. Congratulations!

Z: Thank you for your compliments and inspiration. I think that I’ve stepped into a good state of art. Accumulation in the previous 40 years seems to be working. I’ve been devoted to researching the abstract language of ink, especially in referring to optical art and Minimalism concept.

S: I can tell that you are referring to western art and mix it into your own art works. The source of your ink painters are similar to each other, but your styles are different. Each of you has your strong artistic expressive force. The size of your work is really important. The current size is appropriate and can manifest your talent. You have the purest art works in China. So you need to have your own exhibition in museums to show the public your talent fully.

Z: I’m going to have a personal exhibition in Fukuoka Asian Art Museum. The theme is about nature. The abstract ones will not be exhibited.

S: It’s understandable, since Asian will feel closer to that kind of works. Of course, I think the works are excellent too, really refreshing. In your works, traditional aesthetics of eastern and western had a successful combination. It’ s originally classic. I’ve noticed that the year before last, and it has become much clearer now. It’s the maturity of your art. You’ve not lost continuity while keeping creating. We are going to hold the second session of biennial in Beijing next year. The theme is “memory”. Hope that you can join us.

Z: Thank you for your invitation. I will prepare for that.