1、 Ma Xiaowei Bookstore

In terms of space, bookstores usually have an inward attribute. But in the conception of “Art Bookstore”, book is no more a commodity. It has become a medium that helps visiters to find the special part deep inside. People in this bookstore can sit, crouch and lie here.

2、 Yang Guang’s Space

The profile of architecture:

Name: Yang Guang

Gender: Female

Occupation: the founder and cooperative partner of SEMI-ARCH Architecture Studio

Experience: studied in Britain for one year in 2004, during which she established SEMI-ARCH Architecture Studio, registered as SEMI-ARCH Architecture Co. Limited in2008. The company is devoted to urban progressive organic growth and the possibility of sustainable architecture.


---Renewal of Zhuangyuanfang business street and design of landscape in Jiaze town

---Design of office buiding and dormitory of Bioelectrogenesis in Siyang

---Design of Daxing farm landscape

---Interior design of Fandewan red wine house,Shanghai.

---Design of stage and performance properties for “a Jug of Wine”

---Protective plan and design of historical cities in Xinkou town


l  about exhibition:

Exhibition is the treatment to art works provided by well-designed space. It’s the joint of features of space and characters of work.

l  about memory:

Memory is the expanding of present, the transition of past and the imaging of future.

l  about modern art:

Modern art is the independent thinking of beauty, situation, religion and human nature. Artists show it in a variety of forms, which lead to deeper thinking in more dimentions.

l  about architecture:

Architecture has an ambiguous relation with nature. Architecture needs nature, in the meanwhile veil it. They confront with each other merrily, producing resilient tension. In constructions nature is selected, while in nature the constructions are called “soft architecture” .

3、 Conception of designing the Beijing Plastic Factory #3 Culture Center

The conception is to make full use of the existing Plastic Factory, maintain the original human landscape and add pretty modern green nets to decorate the outer wall and the façade, which will not influence the light pouring in.The front door has one supporting point, open or closed in shape of semicircle.